Quidco Enquiry - How???

    How the hell does one go about making an earnings enquiry on Quidco??? I've searched high and low for a specific page to begin the process but can i find it? The help pages give plenty of info about enquires except how to initiate one. Can anyone help?


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    Sorry just found it:…ry/

    Only by chance though. Is there a really obvious place to find that link or is it intentionally almost impossible to locate?

    EDIT: Cheers Em, beat me to it!!!

    Well the trail I followed above was pretty easy to navigate... :?

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    Changing the subject slightly, ive got £60 from october thats been tracked, £45 tracked from november and £50 validated from the same month. Is it normal for them to take so long to pay out or am i being a bit impatient?

    If you look at each merchant, you can see their stats at the right hand side. Some show fast, medium, slow payment speeds.

    Paddy power took about 3 - 4 months to pay quidco for me last year, so you just have to be patient

    The insurance companies are the same. They take longer as they probably want to make sure you're staying with them.
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