Found 11th Feb 2011
Boredly looking thru quidco, I joined a while back but have only just looked round more and I saw this:…fuh

Spend £35 in a single on this gambling site and get £55 cashback.

Seems too good to be true, but it's william hill, big name etc.

Now I *know* the theory from the bookies' side of the deal, that once I place one bet I'll be hooked for life etc. But *Really* won't be happening (I won £10 on the national one time and decided to quit for life while I was ahead) but £20 for nowt but a few clicks is enticing!

Anyone have any experience of these things?


Check topcashback, they're more reliable than quidco

Its not a con there's plenty of bingo and casino sites on quidco where you'll get more cashback back than ur initial deposit (plus you might win using ur deposit) i just went through them all when i first joined.

Dome a few and got the cash back with no issues

You just have to remember, the cashback is not a guarantee, it might not track, or pay for whatever reason. So if you can't afford to spend the original £35 don't bother.

Having said that, I also went through all the betting sites on quidco when I first joined and had no problem with any of them paying out. Also look out for things like transferring your energy suppliers, or signing up for sites news letters for no spend cashback.
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