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    hi, im just started to use Quidco alot more since i first signed up and i checked my earnings today to see that theve taken £6.64 in admin charges... now i thought if you do not earn atleast £5 for a year (2006/07 in my case) you wont get an admin fee deducted!

    anyway heres the screenie:


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    so any help would be greatly appreciated, i dont know if im in the wrong or they are

    If you earnt less than £5 last year, then they'll take whatever you've earned.

    The other £5 will probably be for this year.

    I think.

    If you see a deduction in your earnings of less than £5 marked as 'admin … If you see a deduction in your earnings of less than £5 marked as 'admin fee', it means you have not yet earned enough to cover the full £5 amount in the current year of your membership.The fee in your account should reflect all 'received' amounts on transactions placed since your joining date. Transactions that have not yet been marked 'tracked' or 'validated' won't be counted towards the admin fee until they are marked 'received'.

    Have you tried asking quidco directly?

    The £6.64 is everything you've ever had marked as recieved from mercharts.

    Add it up yourself.

    Quidco is broken

    Here's how it breaks down from the looks of your account above -

    Dec 2006 - Dec 2007 - amount received = £2.67 (Kept as part of the £5)
    Jan 2008 - now = £3.97 (Part of this years £5)

    Meaning they will keep the next £1.03 received this year, then the rest will be yours.
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