Hi Hi

    I purchased a TV from Best Buy on 11th December 2010.

    This has been tracked at £44.67.
    However its been over a month before anything else has happened.

    Date: 11 Dec 2010
    Store: Best Buy
    Amount: 299.99
    Cashback Status: 44.67 tracked

    Now I have checked around on the internet and it says that there may be a scam with Best Buy?

    This is my first dealing with Quidco, and I appreciate £5 will come out the £44.67, however I still hope this to be paid to me.

    I was wondering if anyone can share a similare experience? if so could you let me know if its likely my cashback will be paid?. :-)

    I appreciate your time in reading this :-)

    Have a nice day,


    it usually takes over 2 months for the cash back to reflect in your account.

    A two minute search on the quidco site would give you the answer.

    "How long is the validation period?
    This can vary greatly depending on the retailer and the type of purchase you’ve made. It is also worth remembering that we can’t guarantee any timings.

    Generally, your purchase will track in at the correct amount within 3 days and then update to validated status within 3-4 months."

    In other words, it will be a while before you get paid any cashback, and remember there are no guarantees that cashback will indeed be paid...
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    I also bought a tv from bestbuy on 11th of last month, mines tracked at £89.34, so im waiting just like you, but I've used quidco for nearly 18months now, so I know how long some stuff can take, guess the 14.89% swung it for you, like it did me, hopefully it validates soon, I wouldn't worry unless it declines - then you've got problems, quidco can only pay you, when they get paid by bestbuy, as they pass it on!

    I bought a HP laptop on same day & thats vaildated already......

    Also, just to note, I would never expect quidco money, if you get it, its a bonus, but never for a second think your always get it, believe me you won't!

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    Agree with what as been said!We are still waiting for a lot of stuff to come though as well

    Im still waiting on cashback for Balkan Holidays from July last year its still sitting at tracked.
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