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Found 14th Dec 2009
I went through quidco on the 1st of dec to get my car insurance with zurich, apparantly I should get £45 (i think) however I cant see any sign that I even went through quidco to get the insurance, I know it takes time for things to go through, but should it not be at least tracked by now, im guessing im not getting it tbh, but thought id ask in case its expectd to take a while to even show up. rep added to anyone with a helpful answer, thankyou

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It does take a while sometimes....send quidco a query? It will ask you what transaction, you should see the insurance one on there and then submit a ticket to them

takes weeks for insurance as they need to know you wont cancel. I got mine 2 years running just give it time and open an enquiry if it take say more than a month to track? It should say how long Zurich typically take if you look on quidco?

Quidco has been playing up since they introduced the new layout, ive had some transactions track but a lot of others not track that have tracked in the past. Indeed their own forum shows a lot of people with tracking problems with the new layout.

So I wouldnt worry too much, just wait the 14 days and then submit an earnings enquiry. Ive used Zurich successfully in the past on there

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thankyou, rep added to all

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