Quidco help!! Buying Camera ...

I am looking to buy this camera... possibly from this link:


I have seen a deal through quidco for Argos/ ebay outlet...

10% off purchase from Argos eBay outlet + 40% cashback at eBay

Does this give me 10% off the ebay price and then an extra 40% cashback from the price? Im new to Quidco and that seems a bit too much!! Ive probably got it totally wrong, I just need some advise on how much I would get that camera for and how much cashback I would get.

Grateful for any help!! Thanks


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anybody out there :P

The 40% cashback is off the eBay fees so isn't as much as what it implies lol.

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The cashback rate that eBay offer is a % of the revenue that eBay will earn from the sale, your cashback will only come from the money ebay make, not the entire sale, example ebay make £3.99 profit from the seller, your 40% cashback will come from that (1.60 approx) but i think the 10% is as it says, so all in all you should make a saving of around £50 try topcash back though, the cash back rates might be higher & there is no membership fee. hope this hepls
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thanks for the advise, like i say im new to quidco and it seems quite misleading!
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