Quidco help for Newbie - please

Found 4th Mar 2007
Ok, so I just signed up to Quidco today. Now I understand that they use a cookie to verify the online purchase but, seeing as I couldn't find any REAL explanation of how it works etc, I was wondering if some of you regular users of this service could explain it to me in all it's entirity.

I spotted some notes about using a seperate browser for Quidco purchases, is this really necessary ? surely the cookie would be valid regardless of it being in it's own folder or not ? Or is this to stop it being overwritten by another visit to the same site ?

Finally, is all this tracking/validation done automatically, or do you have to submit the cookie from the retailers site to Quidco ?

Any help would be gratefully received as I intend to buy a Plasma in the near future & a few quid back from the purchase would be great.

TIA - Shaky
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Basically you clear existing cookies so that the refferal is attributed to quidco (not some other merchant you may have previously used like Rpoints) or neatly do it by using a 2nd browser.
The affilliate reports the transaction to quidco - and once (if) quidco get the money it is passed to you less the £5 admin fee.
Try using Kelkoo to test your tracking just to make sure as it wont cost you anything at all.
Very easy to do.
Thanks Guys, that sorted it all out for me, I think I was just having a blonde moment :oops:

Saying that, seeing as I'm going bald, mebbe it was the sun we got yesterday :-D
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