quidco help, newbie....

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Found 5th Oct 2007
Hi all,

just bought myself a samsung m87 thru quidco then onto 24electric.

In quidco, my earnings register that there is no transactions to be tracked. i only bought the thing 20 minutes ago, is that normal?

sorry but i'm kind of new to quidco but it seemed well worth it in this case.

anyone with a bit of experience in such things?


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You have to wait a while for it to appear, you'll have to wait even longer for the money..

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ok, thanks.

i've heard that the money can take 3 to 4 months....thats ok though, just the feeling that i've saved a bit is good enough.

think i might set the quidco payout minimum to £100 or summat so it seems like even more :-)

it just all seems to easy....
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