Quidco help please. :O

    I signed up a £20/month vodaphone sim-only contract. It is the 900 mins one, that is suppose to give £100 quidco cashback.

    Now it's just been 3 month since I've placed the purchase, still no tracking. I'm just about to fill a earning enquiry, but not sure what to do.


    This should have tracked by now, I would fill the enquiry.

    Have you used quidco before and not had any problems?

    I got mine tracked* the 2nd day after joining O2 but only at £23.33. Never done the enquiry myself so far on Quidco. But there are only 4 steps, so choose it accordingly and good luck!

    I believe when I completed an earnings enquiry the transaction amount should be the amount you pay monthly i.e. £20.

    I hope it works out for you, it didn't for me when mine didn't track when I took out a contract with 3.

    [-]I'd say £240? 12 x £20 per month..?[/-]

    more reliable answer above

    The same thing happened to me. I queried this with quidco after waiting the 3mths and they said I should contact vodafone for an "order number". Vodafone say they dont have one, Passing the buck back to quidco. I wont be paid out without it, so looks like Im losing out..........





    The last Vodo/Quidco dael I did took 2 years to pay out, don't hold your breath. . .


    you put in whatever your transaction was, if you paid zero at the time then put in zero, it isnt the monthly cost, it is what you paid on the invoice


    If it's not tracked within 3 weeks then I do an enquiry.

    I'm in the same boat - 3 months later and no tracking.

    Quidco will not allow you to submit earning enquiry for 3 months. Which for me, is also today.

    I hope youve kept your "order number" then, because thats the only way you`ll be getting paid. Seems to me they make you wait 3mths in the hope that you`ll either forget ,or will have binned your invoice........

    in same boat with my o2 one, raised an enqiry and it's now tracked, but who knows if it will pay out??

    If you try and submit it before it stops you and gives you a date from which you can submit the claim from. Believe me, I've tried several time before now.

    Yes, I have my order number on my purchase confirmation email, as well as the 'cleared credit check' and 'order despatched' email. :thumbsup:

    Quidco enquiry now raised. Lets see what happens.

    Hope it does better than the £50 Phones4U that I've had tracking and validated since October 2008. I've raised this with Quidco several times to be told that everythings in order and they're awaiting payment from Phones4U.

    Not all bad though, since joining Quidco back in Feb 2006, I've had £1908.96 successfully paid out into my bank account. :thumbsup:
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