quidco , how long before it pays ?

    Hi guys
    Am due £40 back off some car insurance.
    Bought it though Quidco site 1st of August and it's still saying tracked , how long before it pays ? So been over 3 months now


    U can log on through a desktop for clearer details but i waited 6 months on esure clearing mine and some of my other transactions have not cleared For longer. Pcworld are the worst IMO
    Its really a waiting game with mkst of them

    as long as its there you will get it. check the company on quidco to see the times they state. 6 months is not unheard of

    Ask Quidco!

    depends on vendor no set time for pay out

    I had to wait 2 years for one to pay out, (which is rare, but can happen), so don't hold your breath...


    mine normally have an 'estimated cashback date' with all my orders, although the date does move back sometimes as u approach the expected date

    You couldve probably got your insurance even cheaper through comparison sites and haggling

    It totally depends on the retailer.

    My latest Tesco Bank car insurance cash back took a year to become payable!

    I generally chase them up every couple of weeks, this can lead to you getting your cash sooner than you think - always be polite with them, that really helps.

    I believe there are 2 different classes of Quidco membership. You can upgrade from the basic membership for a quicker payout.

    I have basic membership and my Aviva cashback paid out after 3 months.

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    Ask Quidco!

    No !

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    Cheers guys , in no rush !!!! Just newish to Quidco , so looking for advice . Got £300 back on a P&O cruise , that paid out in 3 weeks . Each company must be different


    Normally it's 3-4 month's.
    give it till end of this month and ask them.

    I'm currently having trouble with them ,they declined my cashback straight away after purchase!

    Insurance companies take longer than other retailers because they need to ensure you're not going to cancel the insurance and get a refund. Quidco have T&Cs with the insurers to make sure they don't pay out more cashback than than they earn.

    It varies with different companies, as long as it's showing as tracked then you will get paid for it eventually, should be a mention of rough estimate of payment. Perhaps even some reviews from other quidco customers for the same retailer

    Hi @yozzman1234

    Thank you for your post.

    You can find estimated payment speeds on a retailer's Quidco page or you can drop down a transaction in your Activity page and you should be given an estimated payment date.

    We work out these estimates by looking at how fast a retailer has been paying us over the course of a year, we try to provide as accurate estimates as possible but as these are just estimates, they can be subject to change.

    Do get in touch with the support team if you feel your cashback to be delayed as they'll always do whatever they can to help.

    Kind Regards,

    Quidco Company Representative
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