Quidco how long do you wait to get your cash back????? its my first time using a cash back site

    as above cheers


    I don't use it anymore, balance never went above £0.00

    Now tend to find sites that I can use nectar card on

    Inb4 Topcashback is best who still uses Quidco blah blah blah

    Depends on merchant.If you look on the website under the merchant is says average tracking time.Normally about 3-4 hours but some take longer.Pay out takes about 2-3months

    I'm waiting an average of 3 months from tracking to receiving cashback.

    O2 took 10months

    Yeah about 3-4 months is pretty normal


    O2 took 10months

    I can beat that, my one and only deal with Voad through Quidco took 2 years to pay out. . .

    ^Wow nice, but yeah 3 - 4 months is pretty standard, that's how it took Quidco to pay mine
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