quidco - instore?

Found 4th Mar 2011
has anyone signed up to recieve quidco when you purchase items instore? is it safe and do you get much back?

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yes ive used it a few times for B&Q and tracked faster then some online payments useually 2 days for my B&Q ones.

Yup, loged CC and get it everytime I shop at Debenhams.

yes mine worked sports direct tuck a lond time to track through

yeah - I use it and it tracks very quickly - it's only pennies though, quidco etc etc only seem to be much use with things like breakdown cover, insurance, ADSL, utilities and the like then you can get £100's back over a year.

yep spent £200 in halfords after i registered my card and nothing! and you can't raise a ticket! :-(
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