Found 29th Jun 2008
not only are some merchants dropping out of the cashback , but now you cant use money off codes when you go through quidco, what is that all about?

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Seems fair enough to me.

totally agree last 6 times ive used quidco ive had to put a claim for it EVERY time same with a friend of mine WHY DOESNT IT TRACK like any normal cashback site

I did a big debenhams order last weekend and used the free delivery code. It hasn't tracked in quidco so i guess this could be why...

Avon do QC and codes :thumbsup:

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i suppose its now a matter of weighing up if its better to use the code or quidco, but quidco isn't always reliable.

I've had a few orders not track in the last couple of weeks, never had that before - just a couple in the last 2 or 3 years.

Also, when I login it says I have an order validated from gamestation on the main page - even though I've not ordered anything from gamestation, if I click on earnings though it's not there :?

I had fun with them too. The last two decent cashbacks didn't track altough both claims were successful.. I took out an insurance with prudential last week and that hasn't tracked either.. Might start to look at alternatives..

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wierd, what other cash back sites does everyone use? and are they going the same way as quidco?

It's very possibly the "networks" and "merchants" imposing these new rules rather than QuidCo, so it's probably the same for other sites too?

These sites work by paying you back ad revenue. I guess that companies could argue that if you have a voucher code then that's the advert and you know about the company, and therefore QuidCo couldn't have advertised it to you...

Just a guess.

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i know its right really and we have been lucky, but i hate it when things change.

My quidco never tracked once and i lost the claim they say it was paid to another site the code i used was the exclusive hduk bargain crazy code so hduk stole my quidco cashback

You must remember to clear your cookies each time you leave quidco, or before logging in to it.
I use mozilla browser specifically for quidco, and it's set to clear cookies when closing the browser down.

This way I don't lose all my other cookies, for other, sites that I use on Intwernet Explorer...

hmv transaction of mine not tracked either, only 70p mind, but i've heard it's a problem w hmv

Off the top of my head I've got HMV, Currys, and Viking all missing from the last week or so, the latter 2 using codes but not with HMV.

I wonder what browser you're all using that you get tracking errors with? I'm wondering if its down in part to those nifty anti spam things that they build in these days.....

If merchants are trying to screw over QuidCo, who have members to report back when referrals haven't been paid, I feel sorry for site owners who have to rely on the good nature of the retailer to pay out on their ad clicks...

I use Firefox personally, and although oddly these problems for myself have coincided with upgrading to Firefox 3, I'd be very surprised if the actual browser cased the problems; even though not permitting tracking cookies would increase security in certain circumstances.

Well I recommend giving the following a test as i've not had any tracking errors using it, just install it anywhere on your hard drive and use it instead of your normal browser for QC or other (dodgy) sites ;-): ]Firefox Portable.

Note this links to the older version (2.x) as i'm not sure about the new 3.x version with QC.
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