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Found 21st Nov 2017

I've been a premium member of Quidco since 2012 and have always used the livechat facility. Just recently, I've noticed it's no longer there.....? Does anyone know why? I've clicked on the "contact us" section, where the livechat used to be but it just takes you to the various options. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks x
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Yes, I wanted to converse with them last Sunday. But I couldn’t. I have though done so before at the weekend. No weekend chatting any more. Maybe Quidco are on the decline. Why do they persist with offering deals with Expedia, even though Expedia have a rating on the Quidco site of only 2/5? With this issue, I feel that Quidco are saying that we value our kickbacks from Expedia more than how we value you a customers.
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I used live chat last week. It's only available during office hours though so I wonder if they hide the button when they're not open?

I guess lots of people have trouble getting to it, it's in the FAQ - support.quidco.com/art…hat
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