Quidco (More Help Please)

    Hi everyone. I recently put up a post asking if Quidco was a secure site to use and a few people told me it was toally safe to use. I'm just a bit concerned as to why you have to accept cookies and turn off your firewall etc. etc. to use it.

    I find this a bit off putting as I don't like entering details over the internet if I'm accepting all cookies and I have no firewall or anti-virus running. Any help would be muchly appreciated as it just seems a little too good to be true. Cheers!


    If only there was a help thread on quidco, that would be really useful.

    its all good, i have used it for 3 odd years its ok and have never had a problem with my firewall!


    If only there was a help thread on quidco, that would be really useful.

    that idea is a little out there

    Quidco thread for future reference as some newbies are unaware ;-)…438

    Original Poster

    Cheers for your help everyone.

    Turn off your firewall? Thats not right, works fine on every comp i've got all with firewalls.. must be something to do with your firewall settings (though i don't see what ..if you can browse you should be able to use quidco with your firewall running)

    Agree with the others, you shouldn't need to turn off your firewall to use quidco.

    And cookies... well, every webpage there is uses cookies to some extent. The vast majority of them are harmless. And even the dangerous ones aren't exactly dangerous. I don't think you have to worry about cookies at all. Unless you need to hide what websites you've been visiting from other users of the computer.
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