Quidco - Negative Amount received?! Any suggestions?


I was just wondering is anyone else had experienced this... I've had an item track in quidco, it was one of the merchants that tracks as a 0.00 amount first, then the real amount. I received the money a couple of days ago. But now, the 0.00 amount has been marked as received as well, but with a negative value!

24 Jan 2008 00:00:00 PC World Business 0.00 -31.33 received ~ Apr 2008
24 Jan 2008 16:46:00 PC World Business 626.61 31.33 received ~ Apr 2008

The £31.33 originally recived put me over the minimum and a payment was scheduled. Now the -31.33 has been added to my account and the scheduled payment has been stopped as it takes me back down below the minimum! The transaction was completed correctly and everything.

Very Weird. Any ideas?


Try posting here:
which is a thread watched by a quidco employee.

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Cheers :-)

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