Found 12th Nov 2006
well anyway bought a tom tom 510 and went thru quidco

ive recieved the product and the invoice but its still not showing up in quidco!!!

does that mean it didnt track?

anything i can do about it?:geek:

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Start an earnings enquiry after the appropriate amount of time. It tells you this on the site, click "I have a missing transaction" in your earnings section

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hi emma how long is appropriate

i ordered it on the 6th, so its been 6 days
thanks for ur help!:)

I just bought a Tom Tom from Dixons about an hour ago and it has tracked through Quidco.

So who did you buy it from muffin247?'ve probably seen the posts on here about quidco tracking problems..I've taken the recommendation to have a browser that is only used for seems to work.

Original Poster

yeah i was kinda thinkin 6 days was long to track

i bought it from pc world

oh well i dont think it was tracked:pirate:

I think you have to wait 14 days before you can submit an enquiry.

Yes I had a non tracked purchase with Currys and I had to wait quite a while before Quidco would accept the enquiry...just try and set up your enquiry on Quidco and it will advise if you have to wait until a certain date before the query will be accepted....trouble is you tend to lose 50% of the cashback if the enquiry is successful...which is a pain if it was a high value purchase...and is it not 6% with PCWorld?

Original Poster

yeah tried earlier said wait till nov 21st b4 submitting a enquiry

and yeah it is 6%:-D

Has anyone had any problems getting cashback from Boots? I bought loads of stuff in September through Quidco and it hasn't shown up. I just submitted an enquiry yesterday though, so will have to wait another couple of weeks before anything happens.

no i have brought twice from boots this month and it has been fine almost instant .
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