Quidco on Vodafone Upgrades

    Hi there,

    Does quidco pay the £90 'fee' on upgrades completed 'wholly online' or just new contracts?

    If it's only new contracts, can I start a new contract along with my old one and then transfer the old number to my new phone and then cancel the old contract (if that makes sense)?

    Any advice would be grateful (cos they want to charge me a shedload for a decent new phone, but if I can get quidco on it, this would offset the price)



    I would seriously doubt that Quidco would work on an upgrade, 99.9% sure it won't.

    If you have 2 contracts, your going to be paying 2 lots of bills before you are able to transfer a number, which is going to eat into your Quidco payment.

    Remember 2 things. Vodaphone don't want to lose you, so haggle with them on the phone. Have a look around and see what other places will offer you, and tell Vodaphone that and see what they come up with. Whats your contract at the moment? What phone do you want?

    And secondly, that Quidco isn't guaranteed and could not track or could be declined and you have very little comeback if this is the case.

    Hi. Can you please add any further discussion to the quidco thread, thanks.…ot/

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