quidco or TopCashback quicker at paying out?

Found 2nd Jan 2010
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Getting a bit tired of Quidco...been waiting for payments for over 2 months even though the tracking system says fast-up to 1 month.
Think they need to update.
I have been waiting for a payment to be validated from August.I contacted Quidco to say its a joke and they said as soon as its validated payment would be recieved.So 5 months for a payment even though it says less than 1 month.
Quidco are crap.They should at least chase things up for you better IMO

Topcashback is better in everyway possible.

Topcashback. Payouts within a week of requesting.

Quidco pay out end of every month.

Quidco is a load of dogs danglies. Last year I had 29 QuidCo's that failed to track/validate/pay, compared to 1 with TCB.
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topcashback the best
i have both accounts, but TCB has always worked out and even got £100 off 02 which had failed to track from 02.
getting money out of quidco, tcb is much quicker
quidco charge you a fiver, tcb dont
some cashbacks r a little better on tcb

Topcashback is better in everyway possible.

Topcashback, most definitely!
TCB is the place to be


I've had Quidco for about a year and I'm sick of them now. I had a £100 worth of payments recieved in my account and decided to take them in October. I changed the amount that I wanted to trigger a withdrawal of funds from and was informed that I wouldn't get any payment for 10 days due to security measures. So I waited for Novembers payment date. Only to be told that there was change in maximum paypal payments and I'd have to change settings - so no payment in November. Nothing sent by late December so contacted them. Was told that there had been a delay and would be getting it before end of month. Just had email saying that they have flagged a problem with my account details and I need to check the name on my account. So thats another delay until Febuary now!! Pathetic. Seems like everything is geared to delay payments. Am going to withdraw the whole lot and close my account - I'd rather get nothing than this lot make something out of me.
Topcashback all the way. Stopped using Quidco years ago and have no regrets.
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