Quidco paid problem

    Quidco paid me some money on the 1st of this month. However the money hasnt reached my bank account, how long does it take to show up?


    Around 5 Days, don't worry

    Anything up to 7 days (5 working days) is quite normal.

    have you used quidco before? as my first transaction didn't get put in to my account for a while as i hadn't got valid bank details submitted...

    5-7 working days.

    my hasn't yet reached my bank account, last time it took about 5 days

    It's normally up to 5 days .. but mine has gone over a couple of times

    Nothing here yet. I wouldn't worry, BACS is a little bit slow.

    I've just had my payment go into my Paypal account and they've charged me 57p! Don't understand.

    anyone recieved payment by BACS yet?? still waiting hopefully it will be in there tomorrow


    there has been a problem with BACS payments…184


    there has been a problem with BACS … there has been a problem with BACS payments

    thanks for the info hun :thumbsup:

    worth checking that its in your bank account today mine was
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