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are mods still funny about quidco deals? posted here in misc . as wasn't sure.

Through Quidco PaydayUK are offering £70 CB for any loan. The minimum is £80 with £100 to be repaid on next payday (or which ever day you chose in month). They have fantastic tracking etc feedback on quidco mine tracked in couple of hours.

You give them your card details and bank account they pay the money that day then take it out on payday. It's that simple.

50 easy pounds.

No way would I ever recommend this type of loan without the CB. APR 1445%


what's the catch?

the cashback might not track!

Posted yesterday some people have gone for it good luck to them but its not for me.

opps done my maths wrong again

its Monthly equivalent compound 25.6%

so £80 pay back £100

Original Poster


at that apr even if you payed back in 1 month you would have to pay more … at that apr even if you payed back in 1 month you would have to pay more than 120% backso on £80 you would pay £96 interest

Apr is Annual % rate so for this loan it is not really a good measure.

The bottom line is you borrow 80 and the total to repay including the loan is 100. So they charge you 20 for borrowing over 30 days. Which is **** but the quidco payment of 70 is all you are in there for.

Apologies for the reposting - always was pants at research.

have people really got this? i can't believe they just give £50 away for nothing. what's to stop someone borrowing 100x£80 and getting £5000 for free? what's in it for them?

bloody waste of my time i was approved for the loan then at the end where it asks for code and signature it then told me :
[*]Many thanks for your electronic signature.

We are required by law to verify your identity before your loan is transferred to your account. Unfortunately, the automatic ID verification check was unsuccessful and as such we will need to verify your identity manually. Please can you send proof of your identity (passport or driver’s license) and a recent utility bill (in your name) by fax to 0845 127 4365.[/LIST]

Strange seeing as ive applied for card online and always had no problems , grrrrr , maybe its cause of the time i applied and they cant check credit file?

My credit score is very good so it better not get messed up cause of this

also got load of error pages everytime it went on to next page had to keep pressing f5 so god knows if ill get cashback now or not and im not bothering to send in documents for a stupid £80 loan , now its effected my credit rating i wished i never bothered
What makes me laugh says on there own site no faxing docoments needed , so then whats the above.
I put my bank details in , i also put my card details in yet they cant check who i am , mmmmm
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