Quidco - Payment received, whats your biggest?

    I usually get an email to say that cashback has been paid into my account and it's usually just a few pound, the highest being around £30.

    Just got a nice surprise to be told £65 has been paid into my account! :-)

    What's the most you've had in a month?



    Just had my very first payment paid into my account at the grand total of....£9.57

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    really? oO and i thought mine was good ...


    really? oO and i thought mine was good ...

    Ha, yeah, two lots of O2 contracts tracked in the same month at £100 a go

    £105...home insurance...was my 1st also!

    £268.56 for me

    £110 for a dual fuel switch to Scottish Power.

    £300 when me and the ex both took out prudential car insurance when it was £150 per policy.



    Im waiting on £150, its been four months now.

    I love the way Rpoints & cashbackkings and others tell you on your statement WHEN the cashback will be paid. Im getting bored waiting & logging in every day for nowt.

    £55 for home insurance


    Got a tidy £270.18 last year when I moved into my new place. Got £120 for Sky (plus got a Tesco £50 gift card - twice!!!!!), £50 for Scottish Power, £70 for o2 Broadband and £30.18 from CDiscount for my telly.

    This is why I really don't care about them taking £5 a year. I'm perfectly happy for them to make some extra money out of it when I'm getting so much free moolah. Including a payout today, I've done £200 this year and have another £50 due.


    £737.33 total cashback for 3 years

    £265 over 2 years

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    Yeah I've had £399 over 3 years but the cashback I got today was the biggest monthly payment I've had

    £101.10 July 2009 (First month i go quidco) Total to date stands at £161.62

    01 Dec 2007 460.88 paid by BACS

    This is my biggest payment! I have been setting up policies and cancelling them for years it is a no-brainer!!

    Few hundred pounds.

    I was lucky that I happened to be in the room when my dad went to book a Las Vegas trip for seven people and I had him go through my quidco first. Sadly he now has his own account.

    £130 Last year and yesterday got paid £50.20...which was nice.


    £1471.17 total to date


    £103.24£1471.17 total to date

    How did you manage that much?


    How did you manage that much?

    Up to £1,538.97 now..
    ..umm buying things through it?

    £1369 since August 2006, with £136 being the biggest single payout.
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