Quidco Payments

    Can you get Quidco to pay money into your account any quicker than the stated once a month (and at the end of it at that)

    I just had a big payment made to them and would like it sooner than the end of this month.

    I know Topcashback let's you transfer your money once received when you want, so wondering if Quidco has the same option.


    Nope. Quidco is end of month only.

    No, I think QuidCo is they round up everything paid to you end of month and pay you at the start of the following month.

    It's a batch process, bear in mind you're waiting for two middlemen to pass on your money so I'd rather Quidco take their time and be accurate and reliable.


    they like that little extra bit of interest accrued by holding onto everyones cash

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    Ok, Cheers everyone.
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