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Found 8th Dec 2009
I haven't received any Quidco payments since June despite having a low payment threshold and numerous tracked,validated, enquiries that should have paid by now. Anyone else having problems, maybe the new website confusion is to put us all off the scent?
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I got ...... wait for it ..... a whole 30p from them this month !!!
Yeah, it said I was paid about 10 days ago - Still not in my bank account. Going to file a report once it's been 14 days to avoid bs.
you will ony get the money once it is in your received column
A) If the payments aren't listed as received, you won't get any money as Quidco haven't got the money yet.
B) Your payment threshold might be set too high so you won't get paid until you hit that.
the porter;7159057

no probs here

Well perhaps not with your quidco but :whistling:
ive been getting my payments as usual xx
the porter;7159101

here he is i wondered where u where :thumbsup: what we drinking tonight … here he is i wondered where u where :thumbsup: what we drinking tonight ?being fair i have never had a problem with quidco mind you i am a good customer though

Your an all round good egg me think's :thumbsup:

ive been getting my payments as usual xx

You never seem to have a problem getting your share of anything :w00t:
Apparantly I'm the only one then who is receiving sod all even though it says it's been transferred to my account...
the porter;7159189

what date was it transferred isnt it 5 working days from that date

30th November...

"We have just sent a payment for £117.25 to the payment info entered in your Quidco settings"

Still waiting.
If you have over £50 waiting then I dont think they pay through paypal, so could be that your minimum payment is low but the amount waiting to be paid is over the £50 maximum

if it is that then you would have to switch to BACs for a payment, and money will not be paid until the next pay day which has to be at least 2 weeks after changing your bank details on quidco

Hope that makes sense?
So what does this mean?

Earnings tracking
your total earnings£127.38
current balance£6.22
Latest payment:

Does this mean i can withdraw £127.38 or just £6.22?
Ive never withdrawn anything yet
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