Quidco Premium membership a complete waste?

Found 27th Jul
Some of you will know I've had it with Quidco, from their never tracking of Bonuses and general tracking to lack of any customer service.... Can anyone convince me why I should keep the PREMIUM membership?

One of the main reasons was Live Chat, now if you ever go on to Online chat you always get this:

Live chat

Mon-Fri, 8am-5:30pm
Sat-Sun, not available


Tickets take forever to update, so i'm thinking of dropping Premium, because there is no incentive there anymore.

Can you give me good reasons why i should keep my Premium membership active?

I tried to contact Quidco via their messaging service (because there is nobody on Live Chat) and got this....

Unable to perform the action
An error occurred and your message was not submitted. Please try again.
What would you like to do?
Retry or Cancel

So basically, Quidco is a complete shambles and there is NO way to get in touch with them, whether you are paying premium member or not...

Someone convince me why I need the Premium service, otherwise these amateurs are getting kicked into touch...

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Thanks for posting. You've made me want to know what I'm actually getting for premium too. Off to have a read, will come back when (if) I figure it out!
I have both regular(wife) and premium (mine) .. Never had issues with chat . Mostly you get paid a bit faster with premium. Withdrawal includes a wee bit extra like 2-3% extra
Don’t have premium but never had a problem with tracking, even on my cards in shop
I have had premium with both, you do get your £5 back by extra commission from you claims.
I gave up on quidco all together recently, was a premium member and had to chase and chase to find out why my bonus was declined. No response to messages and eventually when they did I asked what’s the point of being premium when you have to chase and chase. I was told that’s up to you, asked them to investigate my complaint and down grade me. Got a downgrade email within 5 minutes and a response to my question after I chased it again a couple of days later!
I mentioned on another thread, I had some insurance cashback outstanding for about 9 months.

Contacted them on chat... fobbed off. Raised a ticket... fobbed off.

Emailed them directly to complain about the complete lack of service (and money) - got paid the next day.
Quidcon. Cant be bothered with them no more tbh.
Similar story here. Bought a new mobile. Claim never got tracked. Kept the mobile and raised a claim. Three months later it is declined. Emailed them no reply. When i goto check on the claim. It shows as being investigated.
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