Quidco Problems

    In the past couple of days ive had two quidco transactions return as "Denied" which is a status ive never seen before since joining them.

    One of them if for Next Directory which some people might remember back in February started to pay £10 for new members who applied opened a flexible account and passed the credit vet.

    Just wondered if anyone else has had similar issues with Denied transactions and particularly Next Directory as im personally noticing Quidco's customer service and response to enquiries and tickets taking much longer and being much less successful than previously and when they do reply its not really a very good response.


    hi yes i have had the mobyko one denied i registered with them did the handset and everything but is now showing denied no idea why only been a member for a couple of months so didnt realise i could ask why…ot/

    This is the Quidco thread that Carol the Quidco rep monitors, she should be able to answer any problems.


    Locked this Please use the thread that kidcat pointed out

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