Found 11th Nov 2006
I have made 4 transactions through quidco since november and i have no november ones tracked .I dont have a clue whats gone wrong and have deleted cookies everytime .Any advice would be gratefully recieved .thank you .

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Are you sure the tracking speed is past the time limit?

If they are, all you can do it put in an enquiry there with all the details.

Which browser do you use? [just out of curiosity].

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hi yes they shouldve tracked at leaset by now .i have none tracked for november and dont have a november section and everything has tracked fine before .i use microsoft internet explorer and have allways used it .thanks

There was a firefox 2 update and an IE7 update in the last while... maybe the security settings have changed and it's affecting your quidcoing?

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maybe i think i have had updates recently .how can i resolve this thanks emma and rayman i appreciate your time but what with xmas shopping i am losing out on money .

I would suggest you download firefox and purchase all your quidco transactions through that. You should be able to see within a few days of the 1st transaction if they are tracking...

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thanks emma i will give that ago and see if it works .I will report back with results in a couple of days .

Good luck with that :-D

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hi just logged on at it has now tracked my ebay transaction which i did before downloading firefox hasn't tracked the carsource one i did after yet though .would you still recomend i stick with firefox for it thanks .

Can i just ask a quick question, i did a buy it now on ebay on friday, its finally showing up today, but in both the amount boxs it shows 0.00 and 0.00 i thought it was 14p?

It's a good idea to use one browser for all QuidCo clickthroughs, as there's less chance of those being tracked. You could also clear all cookies before using QuidCo every time without having to worry about any other set cookies.

FireFox is very good, but you should be okay with any other: Opera, Internet Explorer, Netscape etc.

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thanks rayman transactions all tracking for today thank goodness .
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