Quidco problems with booking a Thomson holiday

Found 12th Feb 2009
Has anyone else experienced difficulties? I wrote to them previously to inform them that my booking hadn't tracked and they informed me to lodge an unpaid earnings inquiry, however, the relevant part of their website wouldn't allow me to raise one, despite trying repeatedly. Now the matter is 12 weeks old, they tell me there's nothing they can do. It just grates, is all.
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Flights with Thomson never seem to track. Quidco just kind of give up the minute Thomson tell them to.

Strange as booking references etc ought to make it one of the easier things to track.
I had same issue and it was because Quidco didn't have a record of me visiting Thomson's site through them. I had to click on the link again to register that i'd used the link then wait the right amount of time. Unfortunately, mine was declined as i'd used a £10 off voucher as well :roll:
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