Quidco Profit of £30 @ PayDay UK Loans

    This one works through Quidco. Payday UK are offering £50 cashback via quidco on any loan taken out from them. The smallest loan they do is for £80, which needs to be repaid with 20 quid interest. But the 50 quid cashback minus the 20 quid interest makes it a clean £30 profit!!!

    With cashback sites, there's always a risk of cashback not being paid, but I've personally found quidco to be very reliable. Haven't ever had the need to use PayDay Uk though!

    I think its a good deal, but use at your own risk!!! :-)



    Moved to MISC as this is Quidco Cashback information, thanks.

    Thanks but no thanks. Bupa do do kneecaps but I think I will keep hold of my voucher until the cartilage wears out.
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