Quidco Query

    Anyone know if I can use my Quidco account for a purchase which will ultimately be made by someone else (parents)?

    e.g. I log into my Quidco account and, from there, go to the Best Buy website.

    From the Best Buy website, I choose items to purchase and, at the checkout, log-in using my parents account to complete the purchase.

    In this scenario, would the Quidco cashback be validated? I'm guessing not.

    Reason for asking is I need to make a purchase for my parents who rarely use the internet so it is pointless creating a Quidco account for this single purchase.

    The other option is I make the purchase as normal and my parents pay me but this means the purchase is in my name/address which is a pain for any future warranty claims.


    ive ordered for other address's thru my quidco before and been fine

    it says not, but I have done my dads house insurance through mine and it tracked.... guess you will just have to try it and see!!

    should track ok

    I have never had any issues doing the inlaw's home & car insurance. Always tracked and paid.

    I have purchased car insurance etc for parents and it has always been received fine :-)

    Will be fine dude.
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