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    Wondering if anyone can clear this up for me? I am going to buy a hoover from John Lewis, but to get free delivery I have to spend over £100 but the hoover is about £94, so I thought to make up the order I could add on a few packs of hoover bags.

    The bags are in the category electricals > vacuum cleaners > accessories > bags.

    Quidco is 8% for electrical goods and only 2% for other goods, so if I buy the hoover & the bags will I get :-

    A - 8% cashback on the whole order (as all under main category of electrical)
    B - 2% cashback on the whole order (as it isn't all electrical)
    or C - 8% on the hoover, and 2% on the bags ?

    :? :? :?

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    Try it and see is the best way. I often find the explanations ambiguous and am left scratching my head. you should get at least option 'C'
    but i would order expecting 'A'
    if i got 'B' I would complain.
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