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Found 25th May 2008
Bought a PC from PC World and did it through Quidco, but this was 3 weeks ago almost and its not showing, I went to the problem page and it shows it tracked me going onto the website 3 minutes before it was purchased(which is about right) but when I go into report it it asks me for customer reference and transaction reference,

I have a order number so what is that customer or transaction?

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Just give as much info as you have - what you bought etc to help the merchant when you raise a ticket

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What the problem could be is cookies in my mind, as I went onto the PC world site first and found the PC then logged into quidco then used quidco to go to the site and just clicked on the PC I already seen so maybe the cookies from previous visit were still in the memory.



Please post your query here in the Quidco thread where one of Quidco's representatives may be able to help you.


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