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Found 9th Jun 2008
Ok a few questions to do with quidco

1. Can you withdraw your earnings at any time?

2. I changed my payment details 2 weeks ago and it still says my cashback is on hold as i recently changed my details.

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Yes you can withdraw your money at any time but if the amount is under £50 you have to pay a small charge.

It does take a couple of weeks or so when you change your details but not sure how long exactly.
email them odriscoll - you shouldnt have had to wait 2 weeks - surely - better still try and get them on live help - you could get it sorted straight away then:thumbsup:
I have made this thread all wrong, it was meant to say quidco, haha sorry
Have now edited my post

I have made this thread all wrong, it was meant to say quidco, haha sorry … I have made this thread all wrong, it was meant to say quidco, haha sorry

Plonka :roll:
In that case No I dont think so, you have to wait until they pay it into your Paypal/Bank a/c whichever you have chosen, which is approx once per month.

Changing your payment details : it does say this on their site....
For security reasons, no payments will be made from your account for at least 10 days after payment details have been changed.
Quidco should pay out automatically. At least mine does (into paypal) and my dads does (bank) it should pay whatever has been received during the previous month, usually in the first 10 days of the month is when payment is received in my experience.
once you change your payment details your account is on hold for 10 days. if during that 10 days there is a payment due you then have to wait until the following month.
i had the same problem a couple of months ago .. I emailed them and they sorted it out for me.... suspect there is some manual admin intervention involved once you have changed your bank details....
Was looking for the quidco help thread but this is the closest i could get to finding it lol. Got a problem with my quidco, they seemed to have deducted £10 from it for some reason? I understand £5 is for annual fee but why did they do it twice? Ive only had it for a year if that. Emailed them and seems to be no reponse after 3 days. Any advice?
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