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    hey guys just a quick question: was going through quidco onto ebay and basically spent alot of time at the site before i actually bought something , in the meantime quidco timed out and i got logged out.
    do i still get quidco? does it matter if your logged out , cos you took to much time?

    many thanks in advance
    1st post if it's in wrong place i appologise


    doesnt matter the cookies would have been put on your pc after clicking the link, so all should be good.

    Original Poster

    thanks m8 just wasn't sure

    Quidco works on ebay from the click when you pay so click thru again when you pay and it should be ok.

    Ebay tracks when you pay for the item at the end of the auction so please ensure you go through Quidco when you pay. The cashback amount is based on a percentage of eBay's revenue, not the final auction price.
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