Quidco question........

    I have been with quidco for a long time now and has lots of cashback from them,
    Anyways i have had various transactions validated £100 02 broadband/£50 AA breakdown £30.52 very all validated and now seems to be taking ages to get the money,most have been validated since november/december, for some of them,is anyone else having same problems?
    Thank you for any help


    I have had problems with every transaction since they changed the site. hardly any automatically track. makes me think about going elsewhere

    Don't have any hope of getting the AA one. Gave up after waiting for 2 years.

    i got the AA one last year

    You sure you don't have a limit set on your payout?
    Have you inputted payment details?
    Checked your payment page to see if there is one due?

    The big transactions like insurance and phones always take ages to pay out (they call it security checks). If it's valiated then Quidco and the merchant are aware of the transaction and they will pay out when the merchants bill is settled.

    Original Poster

    I have had paments in the past no problem my payout is set at £50.
    Thanks for you help.
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