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    I have had £3 in my Quidco account for the past few months and it hasn't been automatically transferred to my bank... The minimum I have my account set to is £1 or more...any ideas why it hasn't transferred? I now have £43 in there so I want to make sure I get paid as soon as I can.


    Costs £5 per year.
    dont use it its a sham.

    true dat..u gotta be gay to use Quidco. TCB FTW!

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    It doesn't cost £5 a year what are you talking about?!

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    Edit: I see there is a £5 fee but that's nothing over the year especially if you do a few car quotes for the sake of it at £1.50 a quote.


    Costs £5 per year.dont use it its a sham.

    Use both

    Quidco offered £60 for n power switch TCB £40 so even with the £5 charge i'm getting more

    Mug for settling on one

    its still free really as it takes the 5 from earnings. So dont complain!
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