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Found 9th May 2008

I recently signed up for an Orange contract going through (So I think) Quidco to see if the £50 Cashback would come through. Now I Know it takes a couple of months to recieve anything but when is it supposed to show up in tracked items ?

Not sure if I did correctly but I followed the link to Orange from Quidco which took me to the Orange PAYG page which from there I went to the contracts page and made a purchase there.

Is that even how your supposed to go about it ?

Just thought Id ask,


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yes thats how to go about it, it might take a couple of days may 3 in some cases from experience. hope that helps.

I ordered some items from game about a week ago that arrived on saturday - and they just went through today. It differs from company to company but if you have not recieved it after a week or so, you can submit an enquiry. The length of time which must pass before you submit the enquiry also differs from company to company so it might ask you to come back in a few days.

Hang in there!

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Cheers guys,

What a helpfull bunch you all are !


Sounds to me like you have done it right. It will take a little while for even to turn up in the tracked view though, just be patient it'll be there :-)

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