quidco question (paying me)

    ive got £342.05 in my account, which is displayed in large font on the right hand side next to a book logo when I log in, but how can I get this money transferred to my account ? Last payment from quidco was a measly 50p !!



    I think that's the total of all the money you have made with quidco, mines is at £40... just get it in dribs and drabs!!


    as said that is the total you have made on quidco, if you click on earning, then payments, it will tell you all payments made and whats due


    Technically the OP could have all that money waiting to be paid - if her paypal and BACS settings are invalid or missing.

    Doubt thats the case, but if it is, beers all round?

    some compoanies pay out in few weeks some months. Like today 42.89 of mine have been paid, which means next payment run ( end of month normally) i will get at least that amount.

    Be warned if you set to pay out as pay pal , theres charges. Have it go to your bank account ( make sure all details are correct)


    yes check you are on bacs payments, as said you will have paypal fees if you have an upgraded account, if you need to change to bacs do it now as once changed you will not get payment for 10 days, you leave it any later you wont get it intime for end of month payment

    Original Poster

    I am on BACS payment whch is valid.
    I have not ever really received much though ... maybe I should get to my statement and add it up see if it amounts the same

    thanks for your help guys


    i have my limit set to £50, someitmes a £100, as i dont want fiddly payment of a few quid here and there
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