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Found 24th May 2008
I signed up for quidco aggess ago and i remembered buying a ds lite off game, I went on it today to find out if it was still working and i had like £2.30 something in it (even though dslite was £90!!!!)

anyway why hasnt it validated it after all this time???

Also can i still use it and when i reach £5.00 will it just be £0.00 and i can start myself?



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Please can you post this in the Quidco thread?

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but i have done ages ago like twice and i never got a reply!!!

The £2.85 is the amount of quidco you earnt, which is a percentage of the £90 you spent

Once the money is received in your account quidco will take it until they have £5. After that all of the money is yours for 1 year. Then you pay the £5 again (if you earn it)

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ok but why hasnt it been validated or whatever it means?

Not sure, I have been paid in march by game for purchases made in december.

You need to put a ticket in to quidco about it. Click tickets (at the top by earnings) and chose a category it fits in to. I would probably say comments and suggestions because it doesnt fit into anything else (I often use that category)

You're best off asking in the Quidco thread, but sometimes things just do not pay out, for example you take it back for a refund, or for no reason sometimes. You need to send in a missing or incomplete earnings enquiry (I think) and they (the lovely people at quidco) will look at it for you.
Thing is with your £2.85, it was over a year ago, so it is more than likely the time has past for Quidco to follow it up.

Wow, didnt notice it was 2006. Not sure if they will be able to chase it up after all that time

We all know the bit you scribbled out says kiwinator :giggle:
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