Found 17th Oct 2006
Hey everyone,

well i've been checking out the quidco website and before I sign up I just want to ask a few questions!

Ok so if I was to purchase something how long does it roughly take me to get the money into my quidco account? Does it say on quidco straight away that I have money due?? Also say I see somethin on a company on quidco, say currys for example, do i goto quidco, sign in then goto currys site through theres? is that how it works?

sorry if these are dumb questions hehe

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It can take some months for Quidco to payout, but they are pretty reliable with the payouts, you can monitor if your purchase has been tracked by quidco and what the progress of your cashback is by logging into your acount and clicking on "Earnings".

As you thought you need to log in to your quidco account and follow the appropiate link to the retailer to ensure that your purchase is tracked. Once you get into the habit of using cashback sites it is surprising how the money racks up.

The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.

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Thanks very much for this melipona

I think I will be signing up!

I dont get quidco at all, it all seems really confusing


I dont get quidco at all, it all seems really confusing

Let me enlighten you, this applies to most of the cashback sites though they do operate slightly differently, I use a few different ones as not all cashback sites have the same retailers.

So you decide you would like to buy a gizmowotsit, you know how much it is on the high street and want to check out how much it is from online retailers.

Maybe you use a price comparison site like pricegarbber and see that it can be gotton cheapest from ez buyer, you place the order and a few days later you get the goods, big smile.

If you went to ez buyer by following a link from pricegarbber, pricegarbber would receive a referral fee from your purchase, this could be up to 5% but more usually 1%-3%

Now if you had used a cashback site for the price comparison you could have got up to 10p credited to your account just for doing the search, (not much maybe but its money for nothing).

Then if ez buyer was affiliated with a cashback site instead of using the link from pricegarbber you use a link from the cashback site. Now the cashback site get the referral fee and they will pass on a share to your account. Much bigger smile.

The gains are usually small but if you do a lot of internet shopping then it soon mounts up. Other referral fees can be much better, some telephone contracts will pay a referral fee of £50, I just renewed my car insurance and got £100 back. Much Much bigger smile

So if you don't use a cashback site then it is likely that somebody else will get a referral fee from your purchase.

Hope this helps.
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