Quidco - RAC car insurance

    Has anyone ever gone through quidco for RAC car insurance, they are offering £70 cashback on new policies. What are they like for paying up the cashback.

    many thanks


    paid me no problem

    In 5 years the RAC is the only company not to pay me through Quidco.
    £21 validated in January 2009 and still unpaid despite requests to Quidco.

    Took out a car policy with RAC via Quidco 2 months ago and it's not even tracked yet. Still too early to submit an earnings enquiry too.

    Original Poster

    I haven't bothered now anyway, far to risky. Why is their problems with quidco and cashback, surely if it is stated their.... you should get it.

    [COLOR="Navy"]I took out Breakdown insurance with RAC, and it tracked at £50, even though it was supposed to only track at £20. It's been validated, and I used topcashback.[/COLOR]
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