Quidco Reliablity? (How often do you get your rewards)

I am contemplating the Quidco £100 cashback offer for the SIM only deal from o2.

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Anyway, I have not used quidco successfully before, And i fear that i'll end up losing out on the £100 cash back, Is there any ways to guarentee that i wont be out of pocket if i go ahead with it?

So this is just a general question how much success do you guys have with quidco, And how would you go about problems with transactions?


I have been successful in lots of smaller transactions, have you tested your tracking?

Just had £150 payout from Quidco so about £400 total, Never had one not paid so been lucky

Topcashback I used to like but the last three transaction totalling about £10 never tracked

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I havnt done any orders yet, Last time i did an order via quidco the transation got cancelled by dixons (No stock).

On tracking I've had around 99% success. Upon payments I've had 100% as I've been receiving payments every month I've been due to get cashback.

Usually get paid from Quidco no problem, but I never rely on quidco tracking and paying out I tend to see it is a bonus if they do pay

I've had about 99% success rate with Qudco, It's only not tracked a couple of times in the past.

My advice would be to clear your cookies and other internet junk before you visit Quidco.

Or you could use a separate browser strictly for cash-back sites.

I've never had a problem with Quidco, always pays out and within a reasonable time, around a year ago things tracked extremely slowly but this year it's much better
Although i seem to have a problem with HMV, a lot of the items pay and track at 0.00, i can't think why, anybody else have this?

about 95% success... have opened a few tickets... most of them i eventually succeed at.

Just lately mothercare and additions direct havent tracked... pees me off

No problems with tracking and payment is normally prompt ....Quidco now auto email you tracking has been successful...as mentioned before clear cookies.

Had all mine paid so far totalling about £400


I've had lots tracked and lots validated, as for actually being paid, my … I've had lots tracked and lots validated, as for actually being paid, my memory doesn't go back that far:oops: Still waiting.................not holding my breath, the money is there waiting for me tho':roll:

Try putting your bank details in....it works wonders to getting paid

I've lost all faith n quidco my more tha>n insurance has been tracking for 7 months, worth summit like a £100 quid. Previous to that very good
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