Quidco! Shop and save! If you dont know what is is read this!

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Found 20th Mar 2011
Ok, i have seen lots of people asking what quidco is. so i thought by posting as a deal (which it is really i think) more people will become aware of it.

Basically you sign up and select a place you would like to shop with (via the quidco site) Quidco directs you to the retailers site and you buy from the site as you normally would. annnnnnnnnnd DONE!

Quidco tells you the amount in % you will get back from your purchase next to the retailers link and it will take a few days for it to clear.

go back to quidco in a few days and log it, you will then see how much you have got back. all retailers vary some are 1 or 2% of your total purchase price although somego upto 10% +

you may find it better to read this (im no good at explaining it and its late :-D)


Click the options below 1 then 2 and 3 to find out how it works.

clever people at HDUK have been using it for ages and save tonnes! Join in! it can only save you money.

Just trying to help people out!

post how much you have saved using quidco in 1 year! it's great!
Cost £5 a year to use quidco but that come out of the cashback you earn so you don't pay anything really!

( i think thats correct unless they have changed something)

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Sorry NeoTrix. Not a deal. A damn fine piece of work - but it is a heads up / info post for people wanting to know what Quidco is.

Original Poster Editor

have PM'd you :-)

Thanks op, will look into this

Top Cash Back?


or you could use topcashback instead, not pay £5 a year and actually get paid!

Did quidco ever pay the vodafone commissions they said they hadn't got when in fact they had?


nice post OP but id use TCB over quidco anyday

People should be aware that cashback is not guaranteed...so you might get it back. Whilst most retailers do seem to pay, if the transaction hasn't tracked properly, or you already have cookies in your browser.... or you just get retailers who promise it and seem to find an excuse not to pay as is documented in this site e.g. Best Buy, Pixmania, some of the mobile phone deals etc. you just might not get paid. Don't rely on it being paid in your calculations of price.
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Wow thanks, never heard of the quidco thing (_;)

Yes me to use TCB over quidco, but not sure we can say that, because quidco and hukd are the same owners.

Topcashback here too, loads better than Quidco

1. No £5 fee
2. Find a better rate & they will match it
3. Bonus cashback
4. When redeeming at Amazon you get 5% bonus
5. You can get your money when you want you don't have to wait until the end of the month



Yes me to use TCB over quidco, but not sure we can say that, because … Yes me to use TCB over quidco, but not sure we can say that, because quidco and hukd are the same owners.

they aren't

Topcashback anyday dont know why anyone would use quidco when Topcashback is free and better backed up by users on here . im bound to get some Quidco lovers on here as expected but sometimes the truth hurts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody use ZatZat?

Not heard of this quidco thing, must be a scam.....
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