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Found 13th Dec 2006
I can't find a support forum on the Quidco site so I though I'd ask you guys...

I've only been with them for just under a month now and have made a good number of purchases thru their system. Most go through just fine, however I've noticed that some have come up tracking with the "Amount" showing is the excluding VAT figure.

For example, today I bought the £44.99 BT Espirit 1250 home phone from the BT Shop today. Including the discount it is exactly £44.99. About an hour later I checked my Quidco and it has come up as £38.29. If you add VAT to that you'll arrive at £44.99 but Quidco are only giving me the 4% back on the £38.29 figure (which incidentally is £1.53).

Does anybody else get this with other online stores through QuidCo?
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I made an order the other day, and like many others its come up as the order amount, hasnt tracked the shipping cost.

Ah, when i think about it, i ordered something to other day, and i think it also took the VAT off the cost too....
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[SIZE=2]If you read quidco, it says somewhere that cashback is only given on the pre-VAT amount, although I don't think all stores do that. [/SIZE]
I think its just a couple as i get it for the full amount usually
Yeah it depends which online retailer you use, but some of them only give a percentage before VAT, such as Dell for example.
It makes sense for them to give the money back on the pre-VAT price, as that essentially is what you use in business, that is the cost of the product, however, because of the tax man, you pay 17.5% extra.
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