Quidco tracking purchase I haven't made

Just had an alert from Quidco stating it is tracking a purchase I made today at Surfdome. Trouble is, I haven't made a purchase from them today. I did last week and that had already tracked. This is for a completely new order! I have checked my paypal, my credit card and my debit card for any signs of unauthorised payment but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary so I can 99% rule out fraud. So I am left wondering/hoping that this is just a glitch. To be on the safe side and to almost certainly say goodbye to what is quite a large (retailer cash back large anyway) amount of cash back, I have contacted both companies but as it is after hours this issue won't be resolved until tomorrow at the earliest.

Just wanted to know if anybody has come across this problem before, and if so, what was the outcome?


You have now informed them so they will likely rectify it and remove the cashback which you're not entitled too.

This has happened to me as well. I have an order for £255 at surfdome with £16 cash back. Checked PayPal etc. No funds taken. Have contacted quidco.

they seem to have had lots of trouble lately, especially black Friday, it will be sorted I expect, their support is very good.

Bonus if it pays out

Don't worry, Surfdome don't pay anyway.

I've had that before with Quidco. I put something in my basket to check the amount with a discount and then left it as it wasn't quite as cheap as I thought. Quidco tracked it as a purchase, but it was deleted from my account about 72 hours later.

Hey all,

Just to confirm what has already been mentioned.

Retailers do track certain visits you've made to them via our site on occasion, but will always decline these at a later date if no purchase is made.

I hope this helps.

Quidco Rep
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