Quidco v. TOPCASHBACK

    A bit new to all this but can any regular users give best advice as to which of the cash back sites is best please?


    These are the two I am looking at - but which one to focus on to use mostly for giving the best and regular money back. Understand both have different levels of money returns for the same Merchant - but which one actually makes it easy to use and really gives you the money back.

    Thanks in advance - and are there any other such cash back sites I should look at.



    personally i love quidco

    some things havent tracked but quidco always chased it up and sorted it so cant fault them

    Quidco is better, it's a better website and has faster transaction times. But has a £5 a year fee (only if you make £5 though)
    Whereas TCB is entirely free but £5 a year on Quidco is nothing compared to how much you will save

    About the cashback amounts...well they usually offer the same amounts, but i think TCB are doing a 1% extra on some transactions as a Christmas promotion

    much the same except quidco takes £5 from your cashback each year(only if you make £5 or more), topcashback doesn't(they make money off advertising)

    Ive only just signed up to topcashback as ive found they tend to offer a bit more cashback than quidco who i have used for the last 4 years. Ive had to file three missing transactions already.....

    Topcashback has worked out better for me in the last few months, but I always check who offers the best rate.

    It seems to me quidco offers better rate sometimes, but then they have £5 an year fee. I have used both and got the money without any issues.

    Never used anything except Quidco and they have been fine for me. They even pay out of their own pocket if there's a dispute, though this might take 2 years!

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    Thanks for the messages - I am currently sticking with TOPCASHBACK. I have even earned a cashback for an online order and the item was out of stock. One day it will be clawed back.
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