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    I've just ordered o2 broadband through the quidco site and was wondering on how the whole thing works?

    I've placed an order and then checked my account but nothing is showing, not even on the history.

    Does it normally take sometime to show or what? How long should I wait for it to show and then what happens next?

    Thanks for any help/advice.


    It can take a while mate, saying that though I ordered a contract phone on line with them end of last year via quidco and quidco initially showed up a week or so later with it as pending, but then it disappeared from my listing. I was peed off so read the conditions.. it stated it had to be a totally on line process with no outside contact etc... I then remembered Virgin phoning me for a bit more info before they set things up so I guess that can affect things with quidco's payments.

    I cant help with your query as i have exactly the same problem, bought 2 dvd's from though the Quidco merchant site & nothing is showing on mine either :thinking: i have read to give it 14 days before raising a transaction query. Ive used them before with no problems what so ever !

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    Cheers both, guess its a waiting game then

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    Just had about 15 emails confirming the tracking lol think their system must be playing up a bit

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