Quidco - Vodafone

    Is quidco cashback obtainable through upgrading an ending contract on the Vodafone site?

    Or does the cashback only get tracked through starting a new contract?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows


    new contract

    You could in theory leave and get you PAC code and port your number back in.

    Changing my number doesn't bother me TBH. 95% of my numbers are mobiles so I just text them my new number and the others like my gran (who has never actually phoned it!) I can just phone and things like my bank I just change online. It also stops all the people who have got my number from various methods using it.

    New acc only.

    From experience Voda are very slow paying out. The last Voda deal I took through Quidco took 2 years to pay out, don't hold your breath !
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