Quidco vs top cash back -which one is better please?

Found 7th Apr
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I just use both, no reason not to.
People on here love TCB & hate Quidco, and also people love Quidco & hate TCB.
I just use both, no reason not to.
Just wanted to ask what people’s experiences was with both these companies?I am new to this and find it hard to believe this exists 😜
Both work for me. Quidco I use more just because it was teh first one I signed up to. No issues with
either (so far). Sign up to both and look at the rates each offers. You also get £2.50 bonus offers from both
and so I follow bonus Look at reviews for retailers as some just don't want to pay you.
Quidco £3280 upto now with no real issues. Topcashback only £360 with a few not tracked. My go to is always Quidco
I prefer TCB and not had any serious issue with them. Every now and then the retailer doesn't pay out, but that is not TCB's fault.
Been with quidco for many a year now and seriously pondering if premium membership is really worth it. Just joined TCB to see if they are any better.
Just feel quidco are not the same customer focused they once where.
Neither, both as bad as each other at trying at getting out of paying what they owe
I had quidco first and was happy with it, although a few payouts were declined

I then discovered topcashback.

Both are good - basically you are getting money for things that you are going to buy anyway

Both have a similar range of shops although there are some which are only found on one of them, so always check first.

topcashback usually has a bigger payout.
eg it may be 5% back on topcashback and 3% on quidco.

There is also a chrome plugin which alerts you if you are on a website which does topcashback.

Topcashback is my preferred choice
TCB for me. Closed my quidco account because claims never tracked (despite using several different PC's, browsers and devices), so I'd have to chase it up, then wait 8 months for it to be rejected.

Never had an issue with TCB, if it doesnt track they sort it quickly.
I find tcb takes forever to pay out. Quidco seems quicker but not by much. I usually use which ever gives more
It is also worth noting that TCB match Quidco if their cash back for a particular deal happens to be better. Don't know if Quidco do the same?
£890 on TCB over last 18 months, 3 fails to track, but all 3 paid when untracked claim raised with TCB. Nothing not to like, it is free money on stuff you have to buy anyway.
iOS or Android same thing just pick something you like the feel of using and navigate your way around and don’t listen to others!
Both I have no preference but do always check quidco first33600509-ib93v.jpg33600509-inP3z.jpg
The customer service is a lot better with T.C.B and the cashback rates are usually better with T.C.B as well.
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