Quidco Vs TopCashback

Posted 12th Dec 2017
Who uses what? Or do you have both accounts going at same time depending on deals?
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i use both

i just check which is the better rate for my purchase
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I have both but have more success with topcashback
I have both, but use Topcashback mainly.
I have both - used to use Quidco for everything but have mainly switched to TopCashback as they seem to have a much higher rate of reliability over the last few years with insurance and bigger purchases. Quidco got a lot of bad reviews for not paying out the big cash backs.
I'm thinking of swapping from quidco for the simple fact that being a premium member doesn't seem to be what it used to be. I even have something sitting tracked since 2016 from Halfords. Not impressed with them at the moment.
I use TopCo or QuidCash....basically both.
I use both but prefer top cash back, as pays out quicker
I had both but gave up quidco after my first free year because it was taking so long to payout and I found topcashback’s rates were higher. Since being a plus member with tcb I’ve got money paid quicker so I stick with that
Not used Quidco for a year or so after one too many tracking failures.
thanks for replying all was interested to know ☺
I've used Quidco for years, and even when there has been an issue they've been really helpful.

They've had some good offers lately, with a number of £2.50 back on a qualifying £5+ spend during Black Friday week.

Interesting to see the above feedback though, so might consider switching to TCB in the New Year.
I use both but TCB is always my default if the rate is more or less the same.
Same owners
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